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Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing is a win-win-win situation. Consumers can engage in an active way by showing support and raising funds for a cause they believe in while doing something they love.  Through our network of marketing, social medial, and spectator presence your brand get recognized with a potential for increased sales for your company.  Consumers have come to expect the brands they spend their money on to make a positive impact on their communities.

Why Partner with Unite Fitness Decathlon?

The brand:

Unite Fitness is a strong and growing brand in the fitness and nutrition field.  We are an expanding studio franchise, anywhere accessible virtual boot camp and corporate fitness tool, and an exciting and competitive race bringing communities together to become healthier and develop more active lifestyles.  Unite Fitness builds communities by connecting members to brands and causes that are aligned with our purpose.  As a way to reach out and support the next generation, we have chosen The Alliance for a Healthier Generation (AHG) as the benefactor of all of our charitable fundraising.

The cause:

Today about 1 in 3 kids is overweight or obese. And studies show that overweight kids are likely to become overweight and obese adults. If obesity among kids continues to increase at this rate, our current generation could become the first in American history to live shorter and sicker lives than their parents.

Obese and overweight children are at risk for a number of serious health problems such as:

  • Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes was once called adult-onset diabetes. Now with the rise in childhood obesity, there is a dramatic rise in the number of children suffering from type 2 diabetes. Untreated, this can be a life-threatening condition.
  • Asthma: Extra weight can make it harder to breathe and can inflame the respiratory tract. There is a rise in childhood asthma and children with serious asthma are more likely to be overweight.
  • Heart Failure: Being overweight makes the heart work harder. Overweight children are more likely to grow up to be overweight adults who develop heart problems.

The mission:

The AHG’s approach to empowering kids, schools, educators, doctors, and parents has had a tremendous inmpact in transforming the conditions and systems that lead to healthier kids.

  • 18,000 schools in all 50 states creating healthier environments
  • 56,000 doctors offices across the country providing prevention services
  • 2.5 million tweens and teens across the country committing to healthy changes.

The investment:

Besides raising funds to directly support an end to childhood obesity, cause related marketing efforts help to bring awareness to this growing epidemic, encourage community activism, and attract more active families to help Unite Fitness and The AHG realize communities with better childhood health.

Interest in Partnering or Sponsorship?

We are looking for Partners who we believe in and believe in us with a shared purpose of helping people live fit, healthy and happy lives.  By providing products or services we can supply incentives for competitors and spectators while displaying your brand at the event.

We are looking for Sponsors who, through directly funding our events, will enjoy the benefit of our very large and direct marketing including:

  • Email blast marketing to 50,000-100,000 Unite and Partner Networks
  • Viral social media marketing
  • Branding on 2013 UFD banners, website, and T-shirts

If you are interested in Partnering or Sponsorship of UFD locally or nationally please send us an email through the form below.