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Q:Do the fitness events come before the run or do I run between events?

A:Participants start in waves and progress through the field of fitness challenges alternating with short runs.  The final final event is an obstacle course finishing with a 5k. It is designed so that you will have to pace yourself, so don’t expect to blow right through it without pausing to catch your breath.

Q:How do I know if I am fit enough to complete the UFD?

A:Remember in every race there are those that finish faster than others.  If you have been working out then you should be able to complete either on your own or as part of a Relay Team. Think your training is better than the rest?  Put your training to the test and enter in to the Competitive Wave.

Q:What if I cannot complete a fitness challenge? Can I skip it?

A:There’s two answers to this question.  If you are entered into the Competitive Wave or planning on submitting your time to get an official rank, then you must complete each and every event and rep.  If you are entered into the Completion Wave or on a Relay Team, then try your best.  You’ll have something to compare and work for in the next UFD.  (If you skip or cannot complete all the repetitions of a particular challenge you are ineligible for an official rank.)

Q:How do I train for the UFD?

We provide all the details on the course and a free training program (see homepage) so please train for this race and complete at least one test run.  We will hold several training sessions in the Philadelphia area that are open and free to all.  Just like other endurance races, the more time you spend training specifically for the UFD, the better your race results will be.

Q:Is this like a mud run? Will there be mud or water obstacles?

A:The main focus of the UFD is complete fitness by challenging competitors with a field of fitness events, sprints and a 5k (total mileage 10k).  That being said, this year we are including a military obstacle course (event #10) as well as some surprises along the runs.

Q:How much time does the race take? Is there a time limit?

A:Our 2012 competitors finished with an average range of 75-120 minutes.  If you estimate needing a long time to complete, please email us and we will put you in an earlier starting wave:

Q:What happens if I get injured and cannot race? Can I transfer my place?

A:All registration, refunds, and transfers are handled through  Your registration will have the specific contact information you’ll need to make any necessary changes.  If you run into any obstacles with this process please email us with your situation and details

Q:How do the Relay Teams work?

A:Each person on your team will need to be on the field at the start of your given wave.   Then, only one teammate can do any one event at at time, as many in a row as you decide.  The teammate completing the event or run must then come in physical contact (high five, chest bump, etc) with another teammate who will then continue working the events in the correct to completion.  ALL TEAMMATES ARE INVITED AND WELCOME TO RUN THE FINAL 5K TOGETHER.

Q:How many people can be on a Relay Team?

A:Relay Teams are made up of 2-5 people.  One person needs to create a team, and everyone else needs to be sure to select that team name when registering.

Q:Can I register the day of the race?

A:Yes, however space is limited so we cannot guarantee spots will be available on race day.

Q:How do I know what time I will start the race? Bib pickup?

A:We will be sending out the schedule of waves 1 week before the race. There will be 15-25 competitors per wave that start together. Be prepared to be in the first or last wave or any in between.  Bib number pickup will occur at registration/check-in desk the day of the race.  Racers MUST check-in 30 minutes prior to their starting wave time.

Q:Do I need to fundraise?

A:Just by signing up to race or or purchasing any race related food or beverage, you area showing your support for childhood health.  A portion of all race proceeds (we need to cover the costs of the race, too!) will go to this charity.  We welcome and encourage any additional funds given, 100% of these funds will go directly to the charity.  (You will have an option to add charitable funds to the purchase of your race entry).

Q:Will there be medics present on race day? Massage therapists?

A:We will absolutely we have EMS on site at every race.  We will also have massage therapists on site post race.

Q:Is there a minimum age requirement?

A:Racers under 18 have to have a parent or guardian come to registration on the day of the event to give permission.  We will not accept racers under the age of 14.

Q:I cannot participate this year but would like to volunteer?

A:Like every big race event, we need a large amount of race day volunteers to assist with setup, trail marshals, food/bev, fitness challenges, etc.  You’ll need to register for the event as a Volunteer (there is no charge for this category, of course!). Please email if you have questions. Volunteers receive a UFD T-shirt, food/bev and other gifts for their service, plus a front row seat to all the action!

Q:What should I bring to the UFD?

A:No equipment is needed, just your regular workout apparel and trail ready running shoes.  We recommend bringing a towel, change of clothes and a plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes.  Or just throw on your UFD T-shirt and wrist band (received upon completion of the race).  We will provide water stations, post race snacks and bathrooms (no showers), however you might want to bring food and beverages you are accustomed to eating. Plus there will be plenty of beer and food for sale (proceeds to charity!) at the post race party.

Q:Is there personal storage at the race?

A:No, we will not have a bag check.  The parking lot is literally at the event field site, so please leave all valuables locked in your car.

Q:Can friends/kids come to watch me race?

A:This is a spectator, kid and family friendly event.  You will be able to watch competitors go through the field of 10 fitness challenges and great them as they finish the final leg of the race at the post event party.  Check out the Race Info and PARTY! pages for fun activities for everybody.

Q:Is there transportation to city provided? Parking?

A:There is no transportation provided to or from the event, however we are helping volunteers arrange carpooling if you volunteer.  The event is about 45 minutes outside of center city Philadelphia.  There is free on-site parking.

Q:What can we expect at the post race party?

A:We invite all racers, volunteers and spectators to attend the post race party (located at the spectators section of the field.) We will have food, drinks (alcoholic and non) and music.

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