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Not Your Average Endurance Run

Forget about races that just test your endurance (long distance races) or speed (800m – 5k races). This course will test your strength, power and overall athleticism.  Give your workouts a purpose, a reason to work a little harder, and balance your overall training program with some UFD workouts!

Train and Race in Teams

First and foremost, the best way to stay motivated is to train with friends, so recruit your workout buddies, friends, family, coworkers, etc. to take on the challenge together.  Train together, then compete at the UFD together cheering each other on to the finish or joining forces as a Relay Team and share the work with your buddies.

UFD Ultimate Race Series

Prepare for “The Ultimate Cross-training Race” Oct 11th by joining a Unite Team at one of the regional races below. We have selected these races for their endurance distance, mix of obstacles/fitness, dates and ability to help prepare you for the Decathlon.

We will organize to meet up the morning of the race and enjoy an awesome day together getting “warmed up” for the real deal. When you register for any of these races, search for the Unite Fitness team name and then email so we can communicate regarding race day meet-up.

UFD Cross-training Runs

These are FREE fitness events to the public consisting of ~5k runs broken up with 5 bodyweight fitness stations that give you a flavor for race day without all the equipment and are a good starting point. Just show up on the day and time, the more the merrier.

UFD Workouts

These are full on Decathlon Cross-training workouts that teach you the strength training moves and alternate them with short distance runs to mimic the real deal. UFD workouts are open to all and donation based to raise money for our charity Healthier Generation that fights childhood obesity by making schools healthier places to be. Again just show up.

If your gym, studio or organization is gathering a team and would like to host a UFD Run or Workout please contact

Join Our Virtual Boot Camp

Unite Fitness has built the perfect online training program to get you in the best shape of your life and prepare for UFD. Our 3 month/phase Virtual Boot Camp integrates fitness, nutrition and technology to allow you to Train Smarter Anywhere whether you workout at the gym, home, or anywhere using any connected device. Each boot camp has a real coach that drives the entire group to complete each phase of training: Stability & Endurance, Strength & Conditioning and Athletic Power while shifting eating habits in our 10 Step Eating Program. LEARN MORE.

Practice the Proper Form

Whether you enroll in our Virtual Boot Camp or training without a program, make sure that you have practiced all of the exercises listed on the course page  so that you are doing the movements correctly and getting the benefits without injury.


Official UFD Training Centers

Below is a list of regional fitness studios and gyms that have partnered up to promote and help people train for the Decathlon.  Find a place near you and get fit.

  • Transcend Crossfit