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“Bravery is not being fearless,it is showing up to face it”

What to Expect

Participants are launched in waves, first entering the initial field of 10 fitness challenges before heading out on the 10k trail run and crossing the finish line. Below are the 10 fitness challenges and the course map, any of which can be clicked on for more exact instructions for proper movement, repetitions, distance, equipment, etc. This is purposely hard to inspire you to train smarter, but we know it is doable as our 2012 and 2013 participants proved and if you cannot complete an event just skip it.  Some participants only started working out seriously for the first time 6 months prior to UFD so you can do this.  Respect the course but don’t let it scare you off.  If concerned, create a fun relay team for your first year and complete it next year.

10 Fitness Challenges

DB Thrusters “Power”

Repetitions: 50
Equipment: Men 30lb dumbbells / Women 15lb dumbbell
Standards: tail drops below knees and arms get to vertical by ears

DB Lunge Walk “Stability”

Distance: 100ft
Equipment: Men 30lb dumbbells / Women 15lb dumbbells
Standards: back knee must touch grass

Rope Slam “Intensity”

Repetitions: 50
Equipment: thick rope with 50lbs sandbag
Standards: rope lifts up to head and down to knees

Rope Pull “Determination”

Distance: 50ft
Repetitions: Men 3x/Women 2x
Equipment: thick rope with 50lbs sandbag
Standards: pull sandbag across line and run it back to starting position

Bench Dips “Speed”

Repetitions: Men 100 reps / Women 75
Equipment: Body weight
Standards: arms and legs fully extended and bend elbows to 90 degrees

Box Jump “Explosive”

Repetitions: Men 50 at 24″ / Women 50 at 24″
Equipment: Tractor tires or if needed boxes
Standards: must extend hips fully on box or as jumping off

Suspension Chest Press “Strength”

Repetitions: 50
Equipment: Men touch floor / Women 2 ft above
Standards: hands drop to sides of chest pressing to full extension

Suspension Back Row “Exertion”

Repetitions: 50
Equipment: Men 1 ft above floor / Women 3 ft above
Standards: hands pull to sides of chest releasing to full extension

Burpee “Athleticism”

Repetitions: 30
Equipment: Bodyweight
Standards: hands touch ground at feet and chest touches the ground

Obstacle Course “Stamina”

10k Trail Run

There is no more natural, uplifting and challenging training than a run outside in nature. Part of your 10k (6.2 mile) trail run will be split up into shorter .75 mile segments after each station of 2 fitness challenges, then there is a final 5k to the finish.

Course Map

Unite Decathlon 2013 Course Map

(Click map to enlarge)